Block Breaker

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Block Breaker GamePlay:

Block Breaker is a game where the player has to control the paddle and try to keep the ball in game as long as possible at Zoxy. For every brick destroyed you get extra points. This version is very competitive. Stay focused! 

* Blocks Breaker is on of the best blocks game

* Your goal is to break block and clear the board from the bricks.

* Finish all blocks levels to travel to another bricks world. Try to collect all stars (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE).

* Levels are getting harder while you are progressing with your blocks journey. So, start your crazy puzzle adventure with Blocks Breaker now at game zoxy.

* Diffuculty of the worlds in Blocks Breaker is different. Sometimes it is harder, sometimes it is easier. Most of the time it is up to You how fast you complete the level . Enjoy the latest games here:


- You have to remove all blocks from the board! Tap at least two same blocks. They will be removed from the board and other blocks will fall down. Try to pop as many blocks as possible at once.

- When you finish the level you may be rewarded with stars. You may receive GOLD star (for your perfection!), SILVER star (still great) or BRONZE star (not so bad playing). Sometimes you may pass the level without any star. But don't worry, you can play any level again and fix your result.

- As you progress in the game, boards with bricks will become increasingly difficult and the solutions will require all your skills and patience, but I assure you that it is worth it!

- In each world you will have to use a little different approach (strategy) to pop out all bricks from the board.

- Keep in mind that in Blocks Breaker next level is unlocked when the current one is completed. During the game you can reset current board, generate new board or traverse completed level (to make the game even more interesting!).


- easy to play

- many different levels (different worlds!)

- smooth and nice animations

- sound game effects

- beautiful scenes

- different screen resolutions, including big (e.g. tablets) and small (e.g. QVGA) screens

- undo last move option

- saving current level id (no need to traverse levels after restart)

- saving current game to continue it later

- app to SD card

- and many more..

Now gameplay has been extended. New world was added! Every world has unique levels and boards. Try to get all stars and complete all worlds!


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