Defense Math

Defense Math

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Defense Math game: This  is an online mobile game at Zoxy 2017 for everyone. Hey guys, there are many zombies attacking your home, it's time to kill them! The only weapon you have is a cannon and the only way you can use it is answering the math questions. How long can you survive in this dangerous place? Good luck!

Math Defense is a math amusement that gives you a chance to hone math aptitudes also, subtraction, augmentation and division with game Zoxy. Every region of math can be tweaked to enable you to concentrate on particular arrangements of numbers. For instance, on the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty duplicating by 8 you can set the amusement to just show issues with products of 8. 

Math Defense transforms learning math actualities into a fun amusement. You can begin moderate and increment the speed as your ability increments. With a high score list on each speed you'll end up showing signs of improvement at math while endeavoring to beat your last high score! Try it now at

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