Feudalism 3

Feudalism 3

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Feudalism 3 GamePlay:

Feudalism 3 - click to play online on Zoxy Name Online.

Select your unique character in this game of feuds. Five kingdoms of the continent are participating in a bloody war to rule the world and you are one of them. Can you conquer the enemies and win the battle? There will only be one victory, will it be yours for the taking?

Five factions at the continent are fighting each other in a bloody war. Each one have its strenghts and weaknesses, but who will win this battle? Who will you join to capture the whole world?

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  • Mouse – move and attack;
  • 1-9 – skill hotkeys;
  • Space – pause;

Tips & Tricks

You're immortal! - Death is only temporary for you now, so don't be afraid to dive into the thick of it!

Rune your Day - Forging of magical weapons and armor is now more robust than ever. Having trouble with a specific kingdom? Forge weapons and armors that give large bonuses against that specific kingdom!

Go for the Cleric - Taking out the weakly armored clerics and ranged units can tip a battle in your favor. Now that death is temporary don't be afraid to dive behind enemy lines and make a mess of things!

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