Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush GamePlay:

Kingdom Rush game: This is a hot game for kids at Zoxy Online 2018. Your kingdom is threatened by a massive army of monsters. Let’s protect your land and people at all cost. Join Kingdon Rush. Much fun!

IWhat’s it about? The inhabitants of the city of the Southport have reported attacks by the highwayman and many monsters. You have to protect your land from the enemy attack by smartly building defensive towers along the road to stop them. Find other actione game for all ages at

There are four kinds of towers which are Archer tower, Barrack, Mage, and Bombard. Archer tower strikes at your enemies from a distance while Barracks block and damage them with Zoxy games. And Mages Guild mages cast armor piercing bolts at the monsters, ignoring any physical protection. 

Let’s wipe all of them out of your land. You can also find other similar game as Mario In The Jungle on!

Instruction: Use your mouse to play this game.