Right Hand

Right Hand

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Right Hand is a good 3D shooting game on Zoxy. In this zoxy game, the protagonist's wife was kidnapped by a group of bandits, he was very angry and he drove a car to find these bad guys. Now he is very dangerous in this dangerous place, help him survive and save his wife! 

Rescue your kidnapped wife in this shooting point and click adventure. Make your way through the kidnappers house and other levels taking out all the bad guys buy any means. Remember to pick up the health packs on your way as you WILL need them. Make your way through different levels taking out each boss as you go!

A great point and click adventure game in which you will help a guy whose woman was kidnapped. There will be many enemies against you, but you have to keep a cool head and shoot them all. Also, do not forget to pay attention to life and sometimes also use the first aid kit.

Take a gun and go to the house full of enemies. The Zoxy free game is divided into four extensive chapters, so it is no easy game and you will not be able to finish it in just five minutes.

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mouse, reload - R, first aid kit - space

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