Road Racer

Road Racer

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Road Racer in is the most realistic car racing simulation on android devices, and yet easy to handle and fun to play with no limit!

Road Racer is a fun endless run racing game in Zoxy2018. It is a city road traffic racer game. It offer many kinds of Fast & Furious and speed cars. You could choose the car that you like. Different road environment will let you like this racer game. 

Get started to choose high performance automobile and make them drift at high speed in roads in the realistic city roads with zoxy free games. Watch out for other vehicles changing their track and suddenly braking in front of you.

What makes Road Racer better than other racing games?
• The newest realistic drift racing game on mobile devices;
• Linear difficulty: from rookie to drifter master;
• Massive customization options: paint body color, change road wheel, add body vinyl, improve motor engine(Max speed, Acceleration, Handling, Braking);
• Extensive tuning options: camera mode(Top, Hood, Back), control mode(Gyro, Buttons, Steering wheel), Gas mode(Manual, Auto);
• Realistic simulation of all aspect (accelerator, brake,tires, etc) of the vehicle;
• Realistic simulation of engine sound, brakeing sound, crash sound, turbo sounds and all that visual effects;
• Racing rewards: earn coins by driving at ultimate speed, performing limiting overtaking;
• Four racing modes: one way, two way, free ride, time attack;
• Four scenarios: Village, Desert, City, Winter(about to come);
• 10 cars options: from family car to muscle car, from sports car to concept car;
• Bonus game: try your luck to win dollars, tickets and more;
•Daily Bonus: loads of bonus for you to claim;

• Use gyroscope, G-sensor or touch screen to drive;
• Automatically accelerate or do it manually;
• Brake your car when you encounter other cars;
• Use overlooking perspective to estimate the vehicle distance; 
Do you want to be a good driver? I think you need for nitrous gas to gain fast speed, so make money in every racing and then buy the high-performance sports cars. 

Have fun playing at In addition, you can play games similar to: Desert Dirt Motocross or Super Bike GP.

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