Shoot Em

Shoot Em

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Shoot Em game: This is an attractive and addictive shooting game which is played by thousands of the players around the world at game Zoxy. Here, you will have the chance to relieve angry feelings and train your shooting skills in the virtual world. HAHA! It sounds very exciting, right??? Let’s play at Zoxy games!

In this interesting shooting game, your biggest mission is to torture and destroy a Stickman who will move continuously on the screen with Zoxy club. Therefore, you have to observe carefully and shoot correctly until he dies. To destroy Stickman, I suggest that you should use explosives that have a great destructive power in the battle.

One more thing, there are over 30 different weapons and explosives for you to choose in the game. Therefore, you can select and easily torture a Stickman with many different weapons. With each successful shoot, you will receive a little money. Try your best to earn as a lot of money as possible and conquer this game in the shortest time at and try this similar game as Duck Shooter

Game controls: Use the mouse