Soda Can Knockout

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Soda Can Knockout GamePlay:

Knock down soda cans with balls. Earn 3 stars for completing each level perfectly. Features: - Challenging levels. Encounter different sets with different soda cans - Wide landscape (horizontal) design, with fullscreen mode - Beautiful 3D carnival theme. - Simple and addictive gameplay. - Realistic physics This game is great for fans of various beverage brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, Monster and more.

We're sure that many of you have had the chance to go outside with your friends, put a few cans of soda on top of each other, and then play a game where you try to knock them down, sometimes using balls to do so. Well, during the pandemic, getting together with friends to do this is not something you can do, which is why the fun has moved virtually, with new and exciting games such as Soda Can Knockout.

In each level, you have a number of soda cans placed on top of another in a triangle or any other shapes, and with the mouse, you are going to flick a ball towards them, with the intent of knocking them all down, because only when all of them have been knocked down you have cleared the level.

INSTRUCTION: Throw balls at soda cans

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