Stickman Fighter Epic Battles

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You like fighting games and stickman games Then this game was made for you Enter the arena and play as a heroic Stickman You must fight against your opponents You must have no mercy against them To win you have to kill them all But watch out because youll face numerous warriors.

Stickman Fighter Epic Battles is a stickman fighting game where you an unleash your anger at waves of enemy stickmen. This game is a level-based game where your enemies get stronger and stronger. The better you fight however, the stronger you become because you can buy and upgrade weapons that you will receive in-game. Be sure to have the correct timing. Fight it out in the arena to become the victorious stickman. PlayStickman Fighter Epic Battles for free on in your browser on desktop or on mobile.
Hit left - Left arrow / A
Hit right - Right arrow / D

You definitely can’t wait to play this game several times because there are so many things to discover here. And you can’t explore them all with just a single play. Don't hesitate to play as many times as you want, then move to the new options as interesting as this one such as Cool Run 3d and Cartoon Escape Prison

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