Super Samurai Sweeper

Super Samurai Sweeper

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One of Nerdook's first games was the minesweeper-inspired mystery puzzle ClueSweeper, and obviously he has a soft spot for the genre because he's dipping in that well again to bring you Super Samurai Sweeper. This one ups the strategy quotient by making your tiny samurai's path to revenge against the shogun one-way only: you can't go back and grind earlier levels, so if you plan badly in the beginning you can get stuck in an unwinnable gamestate. Just make sure you think carefully and if you're worried, choose an easier difficulty level.

Super Samurai Sweeper - click to play online on Zoxy Games 2018.

Super Samurai Sweeper is an excellent mix between the classic minesweeper game and samurai fighter action game. You are on a mission to fight against the Seven Daimyos and their Shogun. So open carefully and wisely the tiles to beat your enemies, overcome their forces and bring back peace to your land once more. Have fun!

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Controls: Mouse = Open Tiles

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