TrollFace Quest Video

TrollFace Quest Video

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TrollFace Quest Video game: This is a troll game for free at Zoxy club games. From italian plumbers to dangerous orcs, it's troll or be trolled! Have fun with Trollface Quest: Video Games and Please be noted that the character in each round always wants to scare you, try to troll all characters in order not to let things happen as he wants.

Think creatively to pass each level with the fewest clicks. You are advised to minimize the click since it will be counted.  Wish you to relax to play! It seems to be weird but actually brings players laughter. Troll Face Quest Video is a hilarious journey with several brain-teasing puzzles waiting for you to solve.

Play Troll Face QuestVideo Games for Free! If you’re confident with your skills, let’s conquer more challenges in similar games such as Trolling Dare at

Controls: Drag and click on the mouse to play this game.

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