Zombies Took My Daughter

Zombies Took My Daughter

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Zombies Took My Daughter GamePlay:

In Zoxy Games, a mysterious infection takes over the city, and people are turning into mindless ZOOOOOMBIESSSS!!!! Your daughter Anna was in the city when this happened, and you've got to rescue her! Sneak around and kill the zombies with whatever weapons you find, and find your daughter within 36 hours... OR ELSE....

A randomly generated city is created everytime you play, so you will never play the exact same game twice! Find clues to your daughter’s location, and save her from the zombie infested city.
-Procedural side quests, including rescuing fellow survivors, eliminating fugitives, and collecting supplies.
-30+ weapons, including axes, baseball bats, handguns, submachine guns, rifles, a chainsaw, a rocket launcher, and a variety of other weapons!

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-Simple controls: left/right arrow to move, up to interact, spacebar to fire, C to change weapons, X to throw a rope ladder.
-Additional key: press M to mute the sounds

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