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Find A Way

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Find A Way is a simple minimalist puzzle game about connecting dots and spreading happiness. This brain-stimulating puzzle game is free to play in zoxy online, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages. With over 1,200+ challenging & addictive levels, Find A Way is one of the best puzzle game that you will ever download.

Main Features:

Unique Concept
Sometimes the most smallest ideas are the most thoughtful. Find A Way has a very simple premise, you are presented with a grid of dots & squares and you must connect all the dots. Sounds easy? But wait! dots cannot connect with squares. Dots cannot be connected twice. You must connect all the dots(Obviously). All this combines to make an addictive puzzle game that brightens your brain at game online zoxy.

Beautiful minimal design
Enjoy flat minimalist art style graphics with soothing music that relaxes your brain. Helps in brightening your mind and developing logical thinking.

Levels with gradually increasing difficulty
Solve over 1,200+ levels divided between 640 free levels and 640 premium levels. Play the free levels before and decide for yourself if you wish to continue the journey. You can play this addictive puzzle game in various difficulty levels. Each level pack has multiple levels with an increasing challenge. Want the real challenge? Boost your brain by playing the ultimate difficult levels.

Dot Studio
Unlock Dot Studio and get access to 60+ custom dots such as cat, dog, panda, candy, pizza, cookie, santa, football and much more. Make Find A Way a truly personalized experience.

Magic wand
Stuck on a level? Need help? Relax, use magic wand to solve those tricky levels. Beware, magic wand are limited and you must use them as last resort. Alternatively, you can unlock Premium to get unlimited magic wands.

Night mode
Night Mode's main goal is to reduce the brightness of your screen so it does not strain your eyes while playing and you can feel relaxed. Users always comes first, and night mode is and will always remain free. User satisfaction is at topmost priority.

Smooth performance
Find A Way is a free game which is very low on system resources and it supports over a wide variety of devices. User of low end devices will experience smooth gameplay without any lag or hang.

Find A Way is free, supported by ads. You can upgrade to Premium and turn off the ads and unlock the full potential.

Find A Way Premium features are:
★ Removes ads, play uninterrupted.
★ Unlock 640 premium levels, bigger & challenging.
★ Dot Studio, get access to 64 custom dots.
★ Dot Infinity, unlimited randomly generated levels
★ Unlimited magic wands, just relax and use wand to solve those tricky levels.


   * The only issue I would suggest fixing would be a 'you sure?' popup or description concerning the wand at the top left corner. I tapped it to see what it would do and lost the joy of completing a puzzle! However don't get rid of it because I like being able to progress when you're really stuck. Maybe have one that allows you to just skip without the solution reveal too? Overall it's a great app and congrats on making such a superb game all by yourself!

  * I'm really inspired by the person who has developed this game singlehandedly. I would totally be on the look out for any games that you put out. I don't really play games all that much but this game is interesting enough to keep me hooked so far. I love the minimal approach and the idea and most importantly the number of levels and options of customization. Keep it up!!

   * I've never posted a review for any games in my life. What made me now is the sheer responsibilty that I took to appreciate the mighty one who creates this elegant and interesting time killer game! Very very simple logic but never fails to impress! (Or may be I am just being overwhelmed, who knows!). But this game is worth ur time. Very very worthy!

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