Halloween Memory

Halloween Memory

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Halloween Memory GamePlay:

Print the worksheet and cut the squares. Divide the class into groups. Give each group a stack of cards. Shuffle the cards and arrange them all face down on a table. Students have to take turns, choose two cards and turn them round to see if they are a matching pair. Students have to match the pictures to the words. If the cards make a set, the student keeps it and takes an additional turn. The student with the most cards at the end of the game zoxy.

Halloween Memory Match in Zoxy free is a simple mind game that requires users to match card pairs based on a Halloween theme (vampire , scary, zombie ,etc). The game was designed to provide entertainment and educational value for young people.

This game is very useful for people they can improve their memory and train their brain very effectively so it is not only for fun but it is also an educational game zoxy free!

Get into the Halloween night atmosphere playing this memory cards game.

Improve your brain plasticity and train your brain age.

Keep matching similar objects and boxes will keep on disappearing for successful matches.

Feature games :
- Background music
- Three Categories easy, normal and hard
- Reaction speed
- Memory
- Cute Halloween Cartoon.
- Enjoy Match card Game

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