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Jellyfish game: The mobile game for everyone at Zoxy 2 Online. Do you like jellyfish? Have you ever been dreamed of being a cute jellyfish and discover the mystery deep sea? Now you have the chance. Jellyfish is an amazing 3D online game, in this game you need to collect other jellyfishes and avoid deadly obstacles. Good luck!

In this game: Jellyfish are ocean dwelling animals with a mushroom like top and tentacle like cilia on the bottom. They can be translucent or transparent. When you feed jellyfish,you can earn 10times as usual. You can get points to tap jellyfish and push buttons to make jet stream.

You can use points to buy jellyfish, aquarium, and background images. Interestingly, you can explore and enjoy many wonderful feelings with Jungle Runner on


Use the mouse to play this games