Ratatouille Pizza

Ratatouille Pizza

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Ratatouille Pizza GamePlay:

Ratatouille Pizza game: Thhere is nothing like the great taste that you taste! With the pizza ratatouille - Zoxy cooking game, you can have fun cooking your own delicious pizza that professional chefs will be jealous!Here you will collect all your ingredients and utensils ready for pizza making. Have fun !

Next you will make your dough and roll it out ready for the sauce and ingredients to be placed on it. You also get to cook your sauce by matching the symbols of your ingredients and adding them to the pan one at a time. Try it nơ at https://zoxy.name/

Game Features: 

• Collect your ingredients and utensils from the refrigerator and shelves ready for your pizza making!

• Add your ingredients together before mixing them with the electric beater!

• Kneed your pizza dough with your hands before rolling it out with a rolling pin on the cutting board!

• Collect your pizza ingredients from the refrigerator before slicing each one into small pieces to put on your pizza base!

• Match the symbols to the symbols on the side to place your ingredients in the pan and cook them!

• Slice your cheese into small pieces before adding your cooked sauce ingredients onto the pizza base! 

• Add the cheese to the top of your pizza before placing it in your oven and cooking it to perfection!

• Take your pizza out of the oven and see just how good it really looks!

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Once you have cooked and placed your sauce on your pizza base, all you have to do is add the cheese to the top and place your pizza in the oven and watch it transform into the best pizza in the world! Enjoy more with TrollFace Quest Video on Zoxy.name.I bet that you will laugh happily every time! 

Controls: Use the mouse to play this game

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